11. Bluewater Beef

Name: Shaw Family & Eyre Family
Location: 3472 Waterworks Rd., RR#1,
Mooretown N0N 1M0
2873 Kimball Rd., Courtright N0N 1H0
Phone: (519) 864-4131
Email: info@bluewaterbeef.com
Website: www.bluewaterbeef.com

Bluewater Beef is raised naturally without the use of hormones. It is born and raised on our family farms ensuring we can guarantee its safety, quality, tenderness and exceptional taste.
Order on-line, via phone or e-mail. Open year round by appointment. FREE Delivery in Lambton County.

Available Products: Frozen beef boxed packages, sides and quarters of beef, roasts, steaks, ground beef, stew, our famous ‘B’ burgers, sausages, pepperettes, ribs, etc.

12. Cedarview Farms

Name: Ken Van Ewyk
Location: 3028 Kimball Rd., Courtright N0N1H0
Phone: (519) 864-4470
Email: ken.vanewyk@gmail.com
Website: www.cedarviewfarms.org

Our naturally grown hormone free animals are raised on pesticide-free pasture, with careful dedication to their health and yours. Our beef is deliciously marbled, and our lamb will satisfy any dining experience. By appointment.

Available Products: Wool blankets, wool roving, wool batting, sheep skins, wool mattress pads, lamb, chickens, turkeys, eggs, beef

13. Dickenson Farms

Location: 3383 Oil Springs Line, Brigden N0N 1B0
Phone: (519) 864-4469
Email: joe@dickensonfarms.com
Website: www.dickensonfarms.com

Family Farm providing top quality lamb and beef. Hormone free and raised from birth in an animal friendly environment! Open by appointment

Available Products: Veal (red), beef and lamb

14. Franz Turkey Farms Ltd.

Name: Gary Franz
3821 Mandaumin Rd., RR#4,
Petrolia N0N 1R0
Phone: (519) 864-1655
Email: franzturkeys@hotmail.com
Website: www.franzturkeyfarms.com

Franz Turkey Farms is family owned and operated. We produce and process turkeys and have been in business since 1960. Turkeys are vegetable grain fed and antibiotic free.

Store Hours: Thurs & Fri 10am – 4pm, Sat 10am – 12 noon. Extended hours during holiday season.

Available Products: Whole turkeys, turkey parts (breasts, wings, drums, thighs, ground turkey, turkey chunks, cutlets) and turkey pies

15. Hornblower Homestead & Orchard

Name: Sarah Hornblower
7567 Ridge Rd., RR#3, Thedford N0M 2N0
Phone: (519) 296-4403
Email: hornblowerhomestead@yahoo.com
Website: www.hornblowerhomestead.webs.net

Custom ordered, government inspected, pastured raised livestock. From our farm to your freezer. Open by appointment.

Available Products: Free range, grass fed, pork, chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit and guinea fowl, Pet lop rabbits also available

16. Lena’s Lamb

Name: Dave & Darlene Pettit
2627 McCallum Line, Wilkesport N0P 2R0
Phone: (519) 864-4169
Email: lenaslamb@gmail.com
Website: www.lenaslamb.com

We are a small family farm specializing in a variety of premium lamb cuts and products. To produce the best tasting lamb, we use superior genetics and top quality forages and grains.

Open year round by appointment.

Available Products: Lamb, lamb chops, racks, roasts, ground, sausage, pepperettes and smoked product




17. Sara’s Natural Pork

Name: Toni & Rita Felder
Location: 4922 LaSalle Line, Petrolia, N0N 1R0
Phone: (519) 882-2976
Email: info@fieldfarms.ca
Website: www.sarasnatural.ca

Order online—natural locally raised pork. Shipping available. Please allow for 2 weeks delivery. All meat frozen and wrapped.
Open year round by appointment.

available products: Frozen pork cut and wrapped, artisan pork sausages, summer sausage, roast, ham, chops, bacon, ribs

18. The Country Butcher/
Lambton Meats

Name: Doug Waller
Location: 500 Exmouth Street, Unit #13,
Sarnia N7T 5P4 (in Northgate plaza)
Phone: (519) 383-1515 & (519) 845-3358

Family run business since 1967.
Serving Lambton County through our retail store in Sarnia, our slaughter house in Wyoming and the Sarnia and Chatham Farmers’ Markets. Your home for quality meats!

Open Year Round:
Tues, Wed, Sat, 9:30am – 5:00pm
Thurs & Fri, 9:30am – 5:30pm.

Available Products: Natural beef, chicken/turkey, pork, rabbit, buffalo, venison/elk, lamb/goat, specialty cheeses/deli, Dutch baked goods, local honey & maple syrup, Jerry Rader Home-style meat pies, many antibiotic and hormone free products available!

19. Uplands Pheasantry

Name: Tom, Audrey & Sarah Jackson
Location: 6282 Fleming Rd., RR#1,
Camlachie N0N 1E0
Phone: (519) 542-4173
Fax: (519) 542-2541

A local family owned and operated pheasant hatchery.

Open Year Round by appointment.

Available Products: Pheasant eggs, day old pheasants, poults, mature pheasants, processed frozen birds and gift boxes

20. Weiland Meats Ltd.

Name: Bill Sipkens
Location: 340 Centre St., Petrolia N0N 1R0
Phone: (519) 882-1215
Email: weilandmeatsltd@on.aibn.com

We are a family run slaughter to retail business where quality, honesty & dependability mean everything.
Open Tues – Fri 8am – 5pm,
Sat 8am-noon. Closed Sundays

Available Products: Beef—roasts, steaks, hamburger, hamburger patties etc.; Pork—roasts, chops, homemade sausage, home curing & smoking, California roasts, peameal bacon, etc.; Chicken & Boxed Meats

21. Williamson Farms

Location: 7739 Lakeshore Rd.,
Lambton Shores N0N 1J3
Phone: (519) 243-2961 or (519) 243-2960
Email: willfarms@execulink.com
Website: www.williamsonfarms.ca

On farm store selling beef, pork, maple syrup and maple products, jams, jellies, seasonal vegetables and plants.

Open Year Round:
Winter: Thurs – Sat 10am – 5pm
Summer: (June – Sept)
Daily 10am – 5pm

Available Products: Hormone & chemical free beef, local pork, sweet corn, maple syrup, jams & jellies, vegetables and herbs by Gwen’s Garden Produce, firewood