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The Lambton County Plowmen's Association is a non-profit organization that has hosted the county's plowing matches since 1920. The match allows us to showcase Lambton County as it rotates through the various townships. We have hosted the international Plowing Match (IPM) three times in our history, 1923,1973, and 1991. We have also been proud to have 3 Family Farm Award winners in Lambton County. This years match will be held in St Clair Township hosted by Robson Farms on the corner of Wilkesport Line and Hwy 40 on Sunday September 1 2019. Registration for plowing starts at 9:00am. Plowing participants-- $15.00. Banquet is at the Wilkesport Community Centre and will be $20.00/ticket. The event is free for the whole family. Plowing classes range from horse plowing ,antique tractors and plows , classic to reversible plows.