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Canada’s Agriculture Day is fast approaching and we have cooked up a delicious challenge to celebrate the growers and producers that move food from field to fork.

In partnership with commodity groups, OFA has developed a “Burger Challenge” that challenges our members, partners and fellow stakeholders to source as many local ingredients as possible for their burger creations. Such as locally sourced ground meat, baked goods (buns) and toppings (local preserves, produce, condiments, cheeses, etc.).

Check out our Locally Lambton website to find local farmers providing “Burger Up” items to help you build your best burger.

The OFA will be using their social media platforms and e-newsletter to challenge our followers to take part. Before biting into your burger- be sure to snap a picture and share it on social media using the hashtag #BurgersUpOnt. Please tag all commodity groups involved in the making of your burger.

Canada’s Agriculture Day launched in 2016 as a day to commemorate our country’s farmers. February 23, 2021, is a day to celebrate each member of the agri-food supply chain that works hard to ensure Canadian plates remain full of local, nutritious and affordable food. Organizers are encouraging everyone to mark the day in their own way, to celebrate Canadian agriculture in engaging and fun ways from home.

How you celebrate is up to you – create your own mouth-watering moments or get inspired with some delicious ideas below. Just have fun, show your ag pride and make some noise on social media for Canadian food!

We’re proud to be amongst Canadian farmers who produce the safest, high-quality food that feeds our country and the world. OFA encourages everyone to participate and share their celebrations.

For more information, celebration ideas and social engagement tools visit the #CdnAgDay website.

Forks up for Canadian agriculture and burgers up for the #BurgersUpOnt!

Our Director Crispin Colvin says Canadians should circle Feb. 23 on their calendar. That’s Canadian Agriculture Day, and farm organizations are encouraging consumers to make a ‘local burger’ that day – with local meat, cheese, bread and toppings.