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There are beautiful things hidden inside the rural roads of Lambton County. Pretty Road is home to one such treasure.

Sandy Duffy holds down the farm store at Pretty Road Co. Farm Store

Sandy and Ryan Duffy, owners of Pretty Road Co. Farm Store in Sombra have created an oasis of handmade local treasures, produce, and meats raised without hormones right there on their land.

The husband and wife team have operated the farm for nearly 20 years, operating as cash crop and livestock farmers.

Over the years the couple sold meat out of their home, then in 2019 they started selling out of a small hut by the road, with nothing but a freezer and extension cord leading to the house.

Sandy started looking for ways to draw more people to the farm, so she began making fudge.

Soon customers who came for the fudge were making weekly trips to fill their freezers with fresh lamb, pork and chicken.

The demand for their product steadily increased with the onset of COVID-19, which led the family to make the leap to a full-fledged store.

What was once a weaning barn for sheep was retrofitted to be the new home of Pretty Road Co. Farm Store.

A once very simple operation, has become nothing less than a showcase for the talent of Lambton County and surrounding area.

Sandy has worked hard to fill her walls with handcrafted items; most created by local farmers within roads of her own operation.

Her products include items like honey and produce, fair trade coffee by Ashanti, birdhouses, hand-poured candles, pottery, and sewn items such as aprons and hats.

She also features the artwork of local painter Becky Smalls of Corunna. Becky creates paintings depicting the old outhouse that is still on the neighboring property to Sandy’s farm, which is owned by her brother and sister in law. Becky’s paintings have been a hit with locals who want to have a little piece of history hung in their homes.

The site was once home to the Busyville School House. The school is now on display in the Sombra museum. Sandy and her family plan to restore the outhouse this summer to preserve it.

Local potter Sherry Davis offers wheel thrown pottery classes bi-weekly on the farm. The classes include two sessions and each participant leaves with six unique pieces of pottery they created themselves.

Sandy and Ryan are passionate about agriculture and their local community.

They were rewarded for their efforts in 2021, when they were nominated for two prestigious awards.

“In one year we were nominated for the agribusiness award in both Chatham Kent and Lambton County. We were runner up in Sarnia and we won in Chatham Kent. It was absolutely amazing.”

Farming is a family effort for the Duffy’s. The operation is completely family run.

Their oldest daughter works in the store with Sandy, while her husband heads up the pasture poultry department. Their other daughter is currently attending Ridgetown College for an education in agriculture.

Their youngest son is homeschooled and participates in “farmschool”; a term Sandy uses to describe how her son learns the ins and outs of farm life while also learning regular school activities.

Sandy would like to continue growing the operation, and has already started planning to include ice cream for the summer months.

Her dream for the future is to offer customers a family style bbq they can enjoy while they shop.

She is passionate about feeding people, and would love to serve long table dinners outside of the store using all the products they grow and raise right there on the farm.

Without a doubt, Pretty Road Farm Co. has become a tourist destination.

To learn more about Pretty Road Co. Farm Store or any of the makers they carry, visit or visit them on Facebook or Instagram. They can also be reached at 519-466-0527.

~Tammy With~
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